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"I am interested in developing dance inclusive theater for disabled artists. There are too many instances when disabled artists are “otherized,” and regarded as special examples of society. It is important for members of the arts world to realize that we are all one illness or accident away from a disability, and that we are all unique as human beings in our abilities. There is a place for all of us at the table. Dancing with ZCO/Dance Project has guided me in how I want to represent myself to others. I want to dance, act and direct to create the cannon of work that has been ignored or appropriated by artists who feel entitled."

- Wendy Ann Powell

Director / Author / Choreographer

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We hope to host auditions for both dancer and actor roles soon as we begin to expand the project. For all of those who are interested, please email Wendy Ann Powell, Director, at with your resume/CV and samples of your work.